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A serious seller makes determinations on such things as time and price in the early stages of the sale procedure. Begin by making an evaluation of the property starting with a survey of the site. Check the court house records for all information on your title, and such items as: legal descriptions, plots, plats and surveys. Also, check for any title liens, easements, or any other pertinent information. Anything that would affect your title, or your selling position. Start your personal appraisal by determining the value of the land. Familiarize yourself with your boundaries and lot lines. Locate and know all or your easements and utility improvements. The utility company can provide you with updated information.

The next thing is to consider acquiring a professional appraisal. Now, sit down and make a list of all the advantages and conveniences available to the owner of a home in your location. List proximity to schools, nursery schools, churches, buses, stores, services, etc. Sell your advantages , most buyers are really looking for an environment that compliments their lifestyle. Remember, you can save tons of time and 'client call-backs by placing reliable information in their hands at the onset of the showing. Timing is always important. If you have time to select a season for selling, then spring would be your prime choice. It has classically been the top selling season with autumn running a fast second. The reasons ore obvious; the attrative setting of flowering shrubs and brilliant fall colors are marvelous backdrops for displaying your home. The weather is usually temperate and should they decide to purchase, it is a much better time to move, especially if they have school age children.

Never misinform your buyer. No home or location is ever perfect. Should there be any questions or situations which you feel would not enhance your sales position, discuss it frankly, without reams of rhetoric or apologies. State the facts, then move on to another aspect of the discussion. If they are really motivated buyers they will take it all in stride.