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If you’ve ever wanted to quit your job and become your own boss, there are several things you may want to do before quitting your day job, to prepare you for going from employee to self-employed:

1. Develop a business plan. This can be your most valuable tool. Decide on how you will structure and finance your business. Include details about customer base, product, and sales.

2. Consult professionals in the same or similar fields. Their experiences can be a wonderful teaching tool. It will also give you insight into the competition you may face just starting out where they have already established a niche. If you are planning on utilizing the world wide web, visit websites after searching key words.

3. Talk to tax experts. Your local IRS office will answer tax questions free, often over a free 800 help-line. Some law schools offer free legal advice, and there are often low cost legal clinics available in your area. Don’t forget to check online resources.

4. Find out if you’ll need a license. Typically you can find this out at your local county clerk's office. You will also want to ask about zoming laws whether you are working out of the home, or from an external office space.

5. Take advantage of free or low cost classes. Check with community colleges for classes with
prospective business owners. Call your local SBA office for their schedule of classes, or look into the SCORE program where retired executives share their know-how for free.