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Sales contracts, once agreed upon, are final. So, you want to include the provisions you think are necessary while you're in the negotiation process. Here are some things you need to know about sales contracts before you enter into an agreement.

• Read the contract before you sign. Many people get a knock on their doors at dinnertime from someone selling something or giving something away. Sometimes these people simply sign their names to a form because they're told that that means they'll get something for free or some kind of sample product, when in reality, they just agreed to buy a $1,000 set of encyclopedias. It's important for you to read everything thoroughly before you sign. If you don't think you'll have time to read a sales contract thoroughly, ask the sales person if you can take the contract to read over night and mail or fax it to him or her.
• Oral promises are not always legally binding. Anything you agree to in a conversation with a salesperson must be put on paper or it likely won't hold up in court. If neither of you has time to type the addendum to the agreement, simply hand write it on the contract and initial it!
• A retailer is required to tell you fully about a product's warranty before purchasing it. You have every right under the law to know fully what kind of warranty you're buying before you agree to pay the extra money.
• Don't sign blank contracts. If someone tells you to "just sign here," and he'll take care of writing in all the provisions that you've discussed, tell that person that he should write the provisions in first and then bring the contract back to you for your signature.