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You have your coupon in hand for a rental car for your week-long vacation. You think you know exactly how much you'll be spending. But suddenly when you get your bill. You realize that you end up paying $100 to $200 more than you anticipated. Where are these additional costs coming from?

City surcharges. Different cities impose these costs you don't anticipate. The traditional traveling cities such as New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Los Angeles all have them. You pay a percentage of your bill to these city governments.
Under-age surcharges. If you're under 25, you'll likely have to pay a fee. Many rental companies don't even allow people under 25 to rent a car. But if they do, they'll charge you. Rental car companies view drivers under 25 as threatening to their insurance policies. So if you aren't 25 yet, you'll be hit with a hefty charge to cover the additional risk. Many times these charges are tacked on based on how many days you rent the car.
Unauthorized additional drivers. Not the only one who's going to be driving the car? If so, you'll be charged more.
Airport fees. If you're picking the car up at an airport, the airport will get a chunk of your money, too.
State surcharges. States will take a chunk of tax, as well. Most states have hospitality taxes which include hotels and car rentals.
Late fees. If you don't return the car on time, you'll have to pay. Make sure you know how much these fees will be before you rent the car.
Deposit. This is an item you may not know about going in to your car leasing experience. The deposit might be as much as a couple hundred dollars. You'll likely get the amount back when you return your car, but it can tie up credit or cash you aren't expecting during the trip.