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What is the deal with all of these “Psychic” hotlines today? How is it that someone is able to tell your future? Why are they given the ability, and not us? What is the definition of a Psychic? How is someone able to tell if they have the talent required to predict someone’s future? Why do they charge so much just to speak with a Psychic on a phone line?
Psychic readers usually use a number of things for “predicting” your future, or telling your fortune. One of the main essentials to fortune telling is a deck of Tarot cards. The deck contains 72 cards, which are shuffled until the caller asks the reader to stop. The Tarot cards are mostly a subconscious item. If you are concentrating, and letting your mind be free and relaxed, the cards will show what is on your mind at the present time. If you are in a playful mood, or just do not believe in the power of the Tarot cards, the reading may happen to be very inaccurate. Non-believers are very difficult to read, although it may be done if the reader is experienced enough. They tend to have a negative attitude towards the reader, or anything related to astrology, and that will very often cause any reading to be inaccurate.
In my belief everyone has the ability to be a “Psychic” or to posses some “Psychic” ability to an extent. The key to perfect this is that you must believe in it first, and from there on you must study and learn as much as you can about doing readings. However if you are a non-believer, you shouldn’t even try it, because it is very similar to going to church and being atheist. In other words it is known to be disrespectful and hypocritical.
The definition of a Psychic is someone who can predict something long before it actually happens. This does not include the aid of any other tools. So, technically speaking these so-called Psychic lines, well they are not actually psychics. The proper terms for these people who do readings on the lines should be Tarot readers, Astrologers, or whatever the case may be. It will vary with their divination.
The cost of an average Psychic line varies on your choice of payment. If you wish to pay by credit card it tends to be a dollar or so less than an average 900-line call. The 900 numbers usually run about $3.99 to $4.99 per minute. So if you calculate the total to get a full reading, it most likely will cost you about $250.00. Sound outrageous? Actually, you probably wouldn’t mind working for a Psychic line, right? After all, you work out of your home, set your own hours, and get paid to look at cards for someone. Well, here is the other side to the story. Psychic readers usually only get paid about twenty cents a minute, plus twenty-five cent bonuses for full name and address capture. It’s not $250.00 an hour, but of you get enough minutes during a pay period, it does add up very nicely. The reason that these lines charge so much is for simple fact that it takes a lot to run a 900 number. You have to pay your employees, pay your bills and everything else that goes with the line. So, in any situation, you never get the full amount that the line charges, you get a portion for you time on-line.
When you call this sort of line, the advertisements usually say call for your free Psychic reading, on either the commercial or magazine ad. The free time varies from 3 to 5 minutes of your call. This time is usually wasted in advertisements at the introduction of the call or in getting your name and address. A short explanation is given about the type of reading you are going to receive, and if any free minutes are remaining after the name and address capture they will be spent when the reader explains his reading. So either way if you really want a reading, you might as well pay. So if you are going to receive a Psychic reading, the best way to go is a prepaid reading on the phone or and an online internet Psychic. That way your phone bill won’t be way more than you expected and you know exactly how much you are paying.
There are some Psychics that will try to scam you out of your money. Here are a few signs your Psychic reader is money greedy.

He quickly changes the subject when you say that something he comments on is not accurate.
Your reader never gives you a chance to speak.
They tell you that you have some type of evil curse that must be removed before it’s too late.
They tell you that your call is totally free.
They say that they predict a death or horrible accident (this has terrible emotional effect on people).
They guarantee your lucky numbers will win the lottery.

These are just a few of the warning signs, some of them you can use your own judgment on when speaking to a Psychic. If anything that they say to you offends you, or you feel that your reading was not worth the money you paid, be sure to get the get the customer service number from them before you hang up. Most of the time you can report violations by pressing the * key and the number 9 key on your touchtone phone. Don’t hesitate to report a reader because the line needs to know whether or not their employees are doing a good job. The networks cannot afford to have a reader be paid for not doing a good job. This will cause their company to lose a lot of money from refunds, and it will also give the line a bad reputation.