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There are many advantages to owning a manufactured home. Manufactured homes differ from trailers in that they cannot be towed by a car. They can be moved, however, only by professional movers. They are complete houses that are simply constructed in a factory rather than on a piece of property.

Manufactured homes:
*are far less expensive than traditional homes
*are insurable and financable just like any other house
*usually come with all appliances, carpet, and draperies or blinds -- sometimes even furniture is included
*range from 1,000 to over 1,400 square feet of living space, depending upon the model
*usually include cabinets and closets, heating systems, water heaters
*can even come with options such as central air, laundry facilities, dishwashers and even central vacuuming!
*can be cheaper to maintain in the long run than a traditional house, depending on the quality of location you choose.

On the other hand, manufactured homes:
*do not include a place to put them, which must be purchased separately
*cannot be put just anywhere; there are sometimes zoning laws limiting their placement
*can be a little more difficult to sell than other homes
*have rules and regulations you need to be familiar with regarding their movement, alteration, and the manner in which they must be placed
*may not be as safe to live in as traditional homes
*may not have adequate insulation
*sometimes are limited in their design and can lack unique design qualities afforded by conventional homes
*sometimes have narrow doors and hallways, small bathtubs, and cramped spaces
*can have specific, non-standard equipment that is difficult to replace

Certainly, in many cases, the advantages to owning a manufactured home far outweigh the disadvantages. Just remember to consider all aspects of these structures when making a decision as to whether or not a manufactured home
is right for you.