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Choosing a company to purchase a manufactured home from can be as difficult as choosing a home to purchase! Different companies offer different models and you want to be as thorough in your search as you can be. The more
research you do, the more options you will find. This knowledge will help you ask the right questions and find a retailer that can help you get what you want.
Some things you can do:
Ask the dealer for references, names of customers you can ask about their recently purchased manufactured home.
Don’t forget to ask about problems they encountered soon after buying their home, and whether or not the retailer assisted them efficiently.
Avoid pushy salespeople or those who use high-pressure tactics to sell their homes.
Do some price comparison. You wouldn’t want to pay too much for a home. Likewise, paying too little can mean costly problems down the road.
Get the retailer to quote you a total price. Avoid salespeople who talk only about monthly payments. Find out for sure what the total price includes. If the salesperson seems unsure or evasive, choose another retailer.
Remember, it’s your money. If you aren’t satisfied with the service you’re receiving at one dealer, chances are there are several others who are willing to treat you fairly and give you an honest deal. If you have any questions about the reputation of your manufactured home dealer, contact your local Better Business Bureau and ask if any complaints have been made against him or her. Choosing a good retailer who can offer quality products at reasonable prices always pays off in the long run.