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The price of a manufactured home includes virtually everything from the basic floor plan to the carpet and curtains. There are additional options available from most companies including skylights and even a central vacuuming system! You will want to make sure you know exactly what is included in the price of the manufactured home you want to buy as well as what the extras will cost.

The Floorplan

Included in the floorplan of the manufactured home is a living room, kitchen, dining room or breakfast area, 1-2 bathrooms, and 2 or more bedrooms. Also included are closets and cabinetry.

Heating & Appliances

Usually, the main heating system, water heater, oven, and refrigerator are included. Most homes are available with gas and/or electric hookups. Central Air is optional but can always be added later. Also available, but usually not included in the price, are washers and dryers, dishwashers, and garbage disposals. If these items are important to you, remember to ask about their additional cost.

Carpet, Curtains & Blinds

Also included in the price of your manufactured home are floor and window coverings. Remember this when comparing the price of a manufactured home to that of a traditional house. Think of all the money that goes into things like carpeting, flooring, draperies, and blinds. Make sure you ask what kind of things come standard with your home, if there are upgrades available, and what the cost is for those.

What isn’t included in the price

There are some costs you should keep in mind. Some you will need to plan for. If you are taking out a loan to purchase the home, almost all financial institutions will require some form of homeowner’s insurance. Even if you aren’t taking out a loan, it’s a good idea to protect yourself.

The price doesn’t include a place to put your home. You will need to purchase a plot of land or find a mobile home community where you can lease a site to put your house. Many even have gas, electric and water hookups available. Remember, there are zoning laws that prohibit or limit the placement of manufactured homes in certain areas.

Another cost you should be aware of is that of attachments such as steps and handrails at every entrance, skirting for the bottom of your home, and anchors to attach your home securely to the ground. In many areas, these things are legally required and should be budgeted for.