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Americans now invest more of their money in the stock market than they ever have before. That's why there's quite a bit of concern in recent months with the extreme volatility of the market. Are people making a mistake when they invest their money in the stock market? With this new volatility, should people keep their money where it's at, or should the re-invest their savings in more stable accounts?

•Is the stock market still a good place to invest?
Stock experts say over the long term the stock market is still the place to put your money if you're looking for the best returns. If you're looking to invest for the short term, however, it is recommended that you invest elsewhere. With the volatility of the stock market, short-term investing may be just too risky. But if you're goal is to save for retirement or looking to save for several years, the stock market is the place for you, according to most experts.

•Should you always keep your money in stocks?
History has shown that the stock market always rises over the long term. Compare it to bonds, gold, money markets, anything. Stock market investments always come out on top. And that's how experts say the stock market will be when this temporary volatility is over.
If you never sell your stocks, you'll undoubtably end up ahead. Don't sweat it. If you're saving for retirement, the stock market is the place for your money to be. Your best bet is to just ignore current conditions as much as you can and avoid the temptations to sell. If anything, when the market is down, you may want to consider buying stocks while they're at low prices.