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Starting your own lawn service can be a very rewarding and extremely flexible job for students. One must first purchase the proper equipment for the job. You must own a lawn mower, weed eater, edger, and blower to run a successful lawn service. Depending on how large you intend to make your company, you might need more than one lawn mower. Toro and snapper make high quality lawn mowers that can be purchased at local lawn equipment stores. Echo and steel each make edgers, blowers, and weed eaters that are all commercial quality. Buying the right equipment is key because you do not want to have to mess with a lot of breakdowns in your equipment. After the equipment is taken care of, you must advertise. Passing out flyers with your company’s information is the most successful way to take care of this task. Charging twenty to twenty five dollars a lawn is usually standard pricing. On the flyers include what services your company will provide, information on how the customer can contact you, and maybe even a catchy slogan so that your service will be etched in their minds. It is also very convenient if you have a truck to haul your equipment around in! Follow these steps to create a successful and long lasting lawn service company of your very own.