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We all have collected over the years items we don’t need or haven’t used for a while. Why hoard all your unwanted junk when you could be making cold hard cash selling them to someone who will use them?

Take a look in your attic or basement. How much of the stuff you have stored do you actually use or have used in the last 18 months? My guess is not a great deal. Why not have a turn out, get rid of the junk and even make a few dollars in the process.

Sort out your clobber and arrange it into piles: Keeping, Selling and Rubbish. Be ruthless – if you haven’t used it in the last 18 months get rid of it. All the damaged or broken items can go in the rubbish pile. Have you kept toys from your childhood? Will you have a need for them in the future? If you really want to hold onto them, tell yourself to choose five items and then sell the rest.

People will buy all manner of things – even things you wouldn’t dream of selling or buying yourself. To you it may be a tatty old lampshade but for someone else it could be a work of art.

When you’ve gone through the painful task of separating your stuff, think about a price for each item. Go a bit higher than your first thought – there are always those out for a bargain and who will try and haggle with you. Having a price before someone asks you prepares you for every eventuality. Many professional junk buyers try to catch you off guard so having a price already in your head before they ask will be to your advantage.

Now advertise your garage sale. Tell your friends and they will probably come and sell some of their own stuff along with you. If you don’t want to be selling all day, define a begin and end time and stick to it. Approximately 4-5 hours is a good amount.

Borrow or use your own tables and stack all your unwanted items the day before the sale. Have some change in a money belt or purse and wait for the buyers (and cash) to arrive!