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Cellular Telephone bills. Any time you use your cell phone for a business call, your call may be deductible.
Contact lenses and glasses. If you bought contact lenses or glasses over the past year, they may be tax deductible.
Moving expenses. If you moved more than 50 miles for a change of employment and your new employer did not pay for your moving expenses, you may deduct them.
Orthopedic shoes. Your normal pair of shoes may not be used, but any additional costs you've incurred because they're orthopedic may be tax deductible.
Education fees. If you've paid for additional training or seminars to further your education about your career, those fees may be tax deductible.
Business gifts. Any gifts to individuals for expressing your gratitude for their help with your business.
Appraisal costs. If you've paid someone to determine how much a charitable gift is worth or to determine how much money you've lost in a disaster, those costs may be tax deductible.
Laundry services on a business trip. If you've paid to have your laundry cleaned on a business trip away from home, those expenses may be tax deductible.
Tax preparation fees. If you've paid someone to prepare your taxes the previous years (any accountant fees, tax guides, or computer programs) are tax deductible.
Work clothes. If you have to buy certain clothes for work, but you wouldn't ordinarily wear the clothes, they are tax deductible as a business expense.
Exchange student fees. You may claim up to $50 a month in housing, support, and food for a live-in exchange student as a deduction, as long as you aren't reimbursed.
Gambling losses. If you lost money gambling, the amount you lost minus your winnings may be deductible.