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Human resource management simply means managing people in its simplest context. To manage people is one thing, to manage them effectively is a totally different thing.

During my years of working experience, I've had the chance of managing people of different races, ages and backgrounds. Thus in this article I wish to share my experience of dealing with different kinds of people effectively and getting along with them well.

Suppose you are a manager in a MNC, in charge of a few hundred PCs, servers, printers and scanners, and the director has assigned a few IT assistants to help you out in the smooth running of the IT operations.

Below are a few good pointers when interacting with your IT assistants:

Be nice to them. Don't scold them.
Be friendly and nice to them. Never ever shout at your subordinates as this will destroy their self-esteem and their respect for you. It is very difficult to be a tyrant initially and try to be nice later on, as people will think that you are putting on an act. When we are nice initially, we can always notch our level of strictness up a little if things go wrong.

Be flexible to them. Give them freedom.
People love freedom. They don't like to be tied down by too many rules and regulations. Just tell them precisely what your objectives are and let them use their own way to solve the problem. Give them as much freedom and as much flexibility as possible. They will appreciate it greatly.

Don't disturb them. Give them peace of mind.
When your subordinates are doing a task, don't disturb them by keep pouring more and more tasks onto them. Let them do things one at a time. If possible, plan out a list of tasks in advance and pass it to them in one shot. After that, leave them alone and let them do their job peacefully. Check on them only occassionally. We should not always give them an impression that we are always checking on them. Sometimes, we can just step into the room, smile at them and have a brief chat with them.

Discipline them in the nice way. Let them know their limits.
There can never be an equal status between a superior and a subordinate as far as work is concerned. If a subordinate becomes lax, comes in late, or has an attitude problem with other colleagues, ask him or to a corner and tell him directly in a nice but firm tone. Never reprimand him in front of others.

There are many other techniques of good human resource management. But the above are among the most important aspects of good personnel management. Bear these in mind and you will become a better manager.