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With coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other, they lurk outside the homes of advertised garage sales. They often show up as much as an hour before the ad in the paper says it is going to begin. They are die-hard “garage salers’”, and they know that you have to get there early if you want to get the good stuff. The only exception to this rule is if “no early birds” have been advertised. Garage sales are sweeping northern Minnesota, particularly the Lakes area, and becoming a popular weekend recreation.
For some people, Garage sales are just a hobby. They take their time approaching the garage sale. They leisurely stroll along and chat with anyone willing, and they think about any possible purchases before actually buying them. This type of saler is usually laid back, and well mannered. They are out to enjoy the day and other people just as much as the garage sale itself.
Other people that go to garage sales are out on a mission. They either speed walk or run up to the sale. They are too busy to chat with people, and do not hesitate to push past people to obtain their treasures. This type of saler has been known to take things out of other people’s hands, grab something right in front of another person, or buy something right under another person’s nose. Their purchases are often hastily made, and then it’s a race off to the next sale. Usually the people at garage sales for hobby will find these people comical, but eventually it can become irritating.
Sometimes garage salers will end up on the same route as others. They bump into each other at almost every sale and watch each other loading up their treasures. More often than not it is a friendly exchange that the treasure hunters share, laughing and joking with each other. The small talk and conversation about the weather makes people enjoy being out and around other people. Every so often, you run into those who are too busy to acknowledge you. All they can find the time to do is glance at you with a competitive look on their face as they make sure that you’re not gaining on them.
Whether they’re out to enjoy their hobby or pursue their mission, garage salers do find their treasures. The treasures consist of clothing, baby and children's items, furniture, household items, and craft items. Some people are specifically looking for things to fix up, while some people are looking for things to add to collections that they have begun. Whatever the treasure is that’s being hunted, it is often found, and usually is accompanied by a day filled with fun.