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Here are some creative ways to raise funds for your organization or Team:

FUN RUN: A Fun Run can be done 2 different ways. The first: Pledge sheets are given out to every participant who gets sponsors to pledge a certain amount of money for every lap or just for finishing the race. The second: A run/walk/race with a set distance is planned. And each participant pays an entrance fee. All monies go to the organization, school, etc. Perhaps, he finisher shall get a t-shirt.
This fund-raiser can be done on a small scale (as many already do it on a grand scale with many thousands of participants). Elementary Schools can use the local High School Track or a nearby Park coned to show the course to be taken by all runners.

SHOWCASE: This method can involve the cooperation of the whole team or group. High Schools can request a local Classic Car/Motorcycle Association to provide their cars as a Fundraising Showcase at their High School and charge a mere $3.00 per person (as an example) to viewers who wish to see the collection. They can even charge the car owners a fee to enter their cars into the Showcase & have judges give trophies or plaques.

Another suggestion would be to have everyone in your group who collects things, showcase their collections at a gym, hall, restaurant or gallery (be creative with the "Where") and charge a $2 or $3 fee to view the Showcase of Collections.

CAR WASH: Here's a new and improved version! If your Town has Automatic Car Wash & Wax Businesses, ask the owner if they would like to help out your organization, and build business for his company, by allowing you to sell car wash tickets to be redeemed at his business. The owner will get most of the percentage, but you will have saved yourself alot of sweat and the buyers will receive a Wax as well as a wash for their car.

BANQUET: Your Athletic Team could hold a Banquet, complete with dinner napkins, and a menu. Athletes can serve as Waiters/Waitresses, the Coach can be the Host or MC for the night's entertainment which will be provided by the Waithelp, the Athletes. The Food can be prepared by the Athletes or catered (or partly catered with dessert made by the Team) Everyone in school will want dinner reservations! Prepaid ticket sales & reservations, & walk-ins will fill the cafeteria or restaurant you choose to have your Event.

AUCTIONS: Human Auctions of Athletes, the Populars or Student Body in School can bring in a ton of money. Volunteers are bidded upon by the audience to spend the day, date, dinner with the highest bidder.

WHITE SALE: Donations are taken by the group, and solicited from friends & family members. They are sorted, labeled & displayed in the Cafeteria where the public is allowed to shop to their hearts content for Used and Unused items. Nearby shops can be asked to donate to your Teams efforts or allowed to sell merchandise at a discounted price with a percentage of their profits going to your group. Make sure to advertise in the school or communty newsletter, pass out flyers and post signs days before your event as well as that day.

WORKSHOPS/CLINICS: Your group may want to offer their expertise to the public in the form of a Workshop. Tickets can be presold & walk-ins at the door. You can serve desserts, fruit, coffee & juice.

If you're an Athletic Team, such as Soccer, Football, or Basketball, you can have a Clinic or Day Camp (lasting from 1 day to a whole week) in which you teach Fundamentals to children or adults wishing to try the Sport without being committed to a whole season, or just conditioning and preparing for the regular season.

DANCEs: Of course, one can really have alot of Fun with this one, especially if you choose a particular Theme for your dance, such as the Disco Era, the 20's or Ballroom if you like. Even a Masquerade Dance complete with Tuxedos & Gowns will draw people out of the woodwork. One could charge $2 - $5 entrance fee, and additional for those who wish to enter the Costume or Dance Contests.

There are many creative ways to fundraise for your Group, these are just a few. Sit down, and Brainstorm! Put together a combination of Fundraisers and create your own Fair or Carnival. The Fun is all in the Planning of it!