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Getting started flea-marketing is not hard at all. If you have a few odds and ends lying around or a particular talent that others would enjoy, that's all you need.

Survey your situation. Do you have stuff lying around in spare rooms, the attic, or the garage that you have no use for? Don't throw it away. The old saying goes, "your garbage is another man's treasure" So, why not profit off it?

If you have a particular talent that others are in need of, this is also a good way to sell your wares. Quilts, pillows, dolls, clothing, candles, soap, and other handmade craft items are wonderful things to sell. Pets, such as rabbits, hamsters, mice, chickens, snakes, and other animals are also good sellers. If these fields don't interest you, why not sell fresh produce from your garden? There are basically thousands of items that are great sellers at flea markets. The only thing left is to get a good supply on hand, then head to your nearest flea market.

Before heading out, you should survey the flea markets in your area. Are they well situated to the flow of traffic? Are they frequented enough to justify you even setting up? If so, you also need to keep in mind that you do have to pay for your tables. They start around $2 and up, depending on location. Figure out how many tables you'll need and see if it is worth your time. (More often than not, it is!)

Timing is also important. Weekday flea markets, as a rule, are not as busy as weekend. If at all possible, you should set up on weekends to get the most customers. Also, you will have to get up pretty early to get a table or two. Find out what time you can arrive at the earliest and be there so you get prime tables.

Bring extra change in coins and bills. It's probably a good idea to bring along a snack or two, if you don't have someone with you because you won't be able to leave your tables.

Have fun. Flea marketing is a fun thing to do. Not only do you make money, but you also meet a lot of interesting people!