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A budget that fits your family's income seems impossible for most people. With the rising costs of everything today it is hard to even get by. Once you make your family a budget, and stick to it, you will be surprised at the money you save. When my wife and I had our first child we sat down and made a budget. We were both working full time and struggling to get by it seemed. I wanted my wife to stay home with our child, so we wouldn't have to use daycare. It was hard at first, but after we started pinching pennies and sticking to our budget we were able to make it on just my salary. Here is some tips that work really well for us.

1. We always clip coupons to use on all the products we buy. If you search through magazines and newspapers you can find some really good ones.

2. Every week we check the stores sales papers to compare each stores prices. We try to buy all the items we use when they are on sale.

3. Try to shop on double coupon day. Most stores have this at least once a week. You can save twice as much.

4. Send off to the manufacturers of your favorite products. Most are really good about sending coupons and free items, if you ask for them.

5. Check out your areas local thrift stores. There is a lot of really great deals, on some great stuff there.

6. Check out garage sales and yard sales in your area. We find some really great deals on clothing and other items.

7. Never buy a new car. You save so much money on buying one that is a year or two old.

8. Make sure you have your house financed on a fixed rate, not a floating interest rate. The money you save in the long run will amaze you.

9. Take a jar and put aside your pocket change for a year. We do this and you will be surprised at how much accumulates. This is how we buy everyone Christmas presents.

10. Plan your meals for the week. This way you know exactly what groceries to buy and you do not buy a bunch of extras.

11. Try to go to the grocery store just once a week. If you go every day or two you will end up spending a lot more on food.

12. Stop eating out. You will spend a fortune if you eat out.

13. Never carry more cash on you than what you need. If you carry a lot of cash you will spend more on impulse items you don't really need.

14. Buy generic products not the premium brands. They are just the same at a cheaper price.

15. We put our bill money in envelopes each week. We have one for each bill and by the time the payment is due we have it. This keeps you from spending your bill money and having to make up for it later.

16. Keep those lights out at home when you are not using them. You will be surprised at how you can cut your cost.

17. Don't use credit cards. If you can't pay them off at the end of the month the interest alone will cost you a fortune.

18. Don't count on your tax return for income. If you can put it in a savings account you will have a good savings account in a few years.

19. Always buy regular gasoline not premium. It is the same anyway and saves you a couple of dollars every time you fill up.

20. Don't go to stores unless you need something. If you just go to look you always end up spending money on something you don't need.

I hope some of these techniques will help you out. My wife and I use all these to save money any way we can. So get you a budget fixed up and stick to it. In the long run you will we very happy with how much money you can save in a years time.