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We look at these coins and bills every day. But do we really look at them? They spend a lot of time in our pockets and wallets, but we don't really know who is visiting us on them. They are the likes of presidents, American icons, and public figures whom we elect to honor by instilling their portraits and logos on our coins and bills. Here's a list of who's on which coins and bills.

Amount Front Back Circulation

Penny Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Memorial 180 million
Nickel Thomas Jefferson Monticello 22 billion
Dime Franklin D. Roosevelt Torch, olive, and oak branches 25 billion
Quarter George Washington Eagle 24 billion
Half-dollar John F. Kennedy President's coat of arms 1 billion
Dollar Susan B. Anthony Eagle 500 million
$1 George Washington U.S. Seal $6.5 billion
$2 Thomas Jefferson Declaration Signers $1.1 billion
$5 Abraham Lincoln Lincoln Memorial $7.5 billion
$10 Alexander Hamilton U.S. Treasury $14 billion
$20 Andrew Jackson White House $85 billion
$50 Ulysses Grant U.S. Capitol $50 billion
$100 Benjamin Franklin Independence Hall $240 billion
$500 William McKinley Ornate Denomination $150 million
$1,000 Grover Cleveland Ornate Denomination $180 million
$5,000 James Madison Ornate Denomination $2 million
$10,000 Salmon Chase Ornate Denomination $4 million