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Waiter: This is the person who will serve you and make sure that the time you spend dining out is pleasant. The waiter is entitled to fifteen percent of the bill (The tax is excluded in the tip). Most waiters depend on the tip as part of their income, since most of them are paid the minimum wage per hour or sometimes less, so it is good to give them at least the fair amount of tip.

Captain: Five percent. Note: If diner writes tip on the check, the Waiter gets it all, unless the dinner specifies how it is to be split. (Example: Waiter, $5: Captain $2.)

Headwaiter: This is the person who seats diners. You may give the headwaiter $10 dollars or more at intervals for regular patrons. He/She should be tipped in cash, not credit card or check.

Sommelier: This is a waiter who has charge of wines and their service. Another name for them is a wine steward. The fair tip to give them is ten percent of the wine selection or 5% if the wine is expensive. Two dollars or $3 is also a good tip for the wine steward.

Bartender: This is person who serves liquid at the bar. A good tip to give them is one dollar or 15% of check.

Hatcheck: This is the person who takes your hat for you when you enter the restaurant: You can pay fifty cents to $1 per couple as a tip.

Coatcheck: This is the person who takes your coat as soon as you enter the restaurant. You can give $1- $1.50 per couple.

Restroom attendant: this is the staff that helps you in the restroom. This person can give you a tissue to dry your hands and most of them have a basket full of cosmetics and other items that you may need to use. The best tip is to give between fifty cents to one dollar.

Doorman: This is the first person you see when you enter a restaurant. You should only tip the doorman if he provided you with a taxi service. If he only opened the door there is no need to tip him. Fifty cents normally or one dollar in a bad weather or rush hour should suffice.

Nightclubs: Headwaiter should get $2 to $10 per person, depending on the impression the party host wishes to make on his guests.

Other tipping:

Limousine Service: Fifteen percent to the driver. If service charge is included in bill, tip an additional $5.

Hotels: valet, room service, bartender, should get about $2, depending on the amount and quality of service. Bellman: fifty cents per bag. Chambermaid: One dollar per day.