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You need a credit card in order to do just about anything these days. You need a credit card to book an air flight or a hotel room. You need credit in order to buy a house. So, of course with this onslaught of a new technology over the past 20 years comes fraud. Here are some tips on how to avoid credit card fraud.

• Activate your credit cards as soon as you get them. Make sure you sign your card immediately. Having your signature on the back means that people who don't sign your name as you sign it aren't supposed to be able to use your card.
• Don't keep your credit cards in your wallet. If your wallet gets stolen, you'll lose everything, including your credit cards. The main thing people are going to use once they steal your wallet is your credit cards. So your best protection is not to leave your credit cards where people expect them to be.
• Don't sign blank receipts. If you're signing a blank receipt, that opens you up to the person on the receiving end to possibly take more money out than you intend.
• Always check your billing statements. When you get your credit card statements, check them out thoroughly. Make sure what you're paying for you actually spent.
• If you have a problem with your account and if you think you've been a victim of credit card fraud, report the problem in writing to your credit card company as soon as possible.
• Keep your credit card company informed of changes of addresses, so they don't send renewed cards or personal information to someone whom you don't want to receive that information.
• Don't give your card to anyone. If you lend your card–even to someone you trust–you leave yourself open to possible fraud.
• Never write your credit card number on anything that will be viewable to others. Avoid writing a credit card number on a post card order form or on the outside of pieces of paper you leave lying around your office.
• Don't give your credit card number out over the phone unless it's a charge you're initiating.