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In this world of computers and easy access info I think it is time we learn how to protect ourselves from making it too easy to be tracked down to our homes.

When you write a check, the next piece of information you'll be asked for is your phone number. Warning !!! This puts you at risk. By law they have no right to this information, yet it is company policy everywhere. Their reasoning is if your check bounces, it will make it easy for them to contact you. That makes sense, but when you do give your phone number, it also opens you up to risk.

Checks are usually kept in the cashiers drawer right next to the twenty dollar bills. That means if the cashier or the store manager happened to have seen you and decided that they liked your smile, they would have all the information on you to contact you at their will. Personally I prefer, if someone wants to buy me a cup of coffee to just say something when I am writing the check. If you bounce a check they will turn the check over to a collection agency, and just with your name alone they will be able to track you down and mail you a letter asking you to make good on the check.

Many people nowadays have home businesses. By taking advantage of renting a small post office box for only $6 a year, you can have this new address printed on your checks. No matter how much you protest about giving your phone number, they leave you with two choices. When they ask you
for your phone number, just make up a number that comes into your head. Or if you want to be really clever, do what I did . . . my number is printed on my checks, so they don't have to ask. However,I know I am safe, because when try and call me they get Dial-A-Prayer.