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1.Keep up to date on airfare wars by reading the
newspaper and searching the Internet.
Newer airline companies tend to have
cheaper fares and also look for promotional
fares from major airlines.

2.Book your flights well in advance. You can
purchase advance-ticket discounts by
reserving 21 days in advance; book even earlier
for holiday flights since these fill up

3.Be flexible when scheduling your flight.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are
typically the cheapest days to fly; early
morning and indirect flights also tend to be

4.If you stay with the same airline during your
entire trip - you can receive round-trip or
connecting fare discounts.

5.Find out whether the stated fare is the
cheapest and inquire about other options when
speaking with the airlines. If you're using the
Internet, check more than one web site and
compare rates. There are some very good
Internet web sites to use including,,, and many others.

6.Inquire about standby fares if you are flying
internationally and off-season.

7.Consider purchasing tickets through
consolidators. Consolidators buy blocks of
airline tickets and sell them at a discount to
help an airline fill up all available seats.
You can find them in the travel section of the
newspaper under "Ticket Consolidators."