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You obviously want to pay as little as possible for the car of your dreams. You've conducted test drives, you've found the make and model of car that fits your needs and desires, and now it's time to close the deal. If you live in a city in which there are several dealers for the car you want, you're at an advantage. You can visit each dealer and play them off each other. Make them to give you the best possible deal. Here are some other tips when negotiating for the optimum car price.

• Check the automotive section of your local newspaper. You want to look for deals. Check out prices, and cut them out. Take the ads you see with you when you shop. You may be able to show a competitor's ad to your dealer and he'll try to beat it.
• Compile a list of different prices of the car you're looking at. Carry that list with you. Make sure you tell the dealer that you can get a better car at a better price at the dealer across the street.
• When you're ready to talk price with your dealer, ask the dealer for the best price possible on the car you want with the options you want.
• Tell your dealer you want the "bottom line" price on the car you're looking at. Make him find the absolute lowest price you can get. Then take that price and go to other dealers.
• Consider service options. Buying the cheapest car may not be all that you'll need. Ask what kinds of service options are included with that price.
• Consider cars already in stock. The longer a car sits on a dealer's lot, the more eager a dealer is to get it sold, and the lower the price you'll be able to negotiate.
• You might get a better deal by ordering your car special from the manufacturer. Check what that price would be. You might be surprised.
• If you can hold off on buying your car, make sure you don't buy a model of car within the first few months it rolls of the assembly line. Cars that have not recently been released are often sold at slightly lower prices.