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If you’re looking for an easy way to invest your money you should consider the versatility of mutual funds. Mutual funds are groups of stocks and bonds that a company organizes and sells to multiple investors. The company enjoys an increased return rate, and its investors are given a relatively easy way to make money.

What are the advantages to mutual funds?
- Professional Management When you purchase your mutual fund, the company who you bought it from will manage it for you. Investors choose a type of prospectus and will leave the research and selection up to an investment
- Diversification You only risk what you want. Owning shares in a mutual fund allows investors to spread various amounts of risk through different stocks and bonds.
- Convenience Mutual funds provide investors with a relatively hands-off way of compiling a diverse portfolio. Professional investors oversee all of the bookkeeping and tax records. Mutual funds can also be purchased with a fairly small amount of money, and all gains and dividends can be automatically reinvested.

What are the disadvantages?
Any money that is accrued from a mutual fund, whether it is extracted or reinvested, is taxable. You will pay more taxes on a mutual fund than on an IRA.

What are the different types of mutual funds?
- Aggressive An aggressive portfolio will consist mostly of stocks that have potentially high yields, but are considered riskier investments. These are not suggested for people who can’t afford to lose money.
- Moderate This portfolio provides investors with a mix of aggressive and conservative stocks and bonds.
- Conservative A conservative portfolio will generally be composed of bonds. US Government bonds are likely to appear in conservative mutual funds. These bonds are practically no-risk investments, but they enjoy
more conservative yields.