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Storing batteries in the refrigerator, might sound strange or crazy, but the cold air keeps them fresh, just like any other food in the refrigerator. Do not put batteries in the freezer, it is best to put it in the corner of the refrigerator.

Buy batteries in bulk, When stores promote one of those "Special buys" on batteries, go ahead and stock them up, store them in a plastic bag, this keeps the moisture out and put them in the refrigerator, batteries will be available when you need them. Make sure that they are at room temperature before you use them. If you are using equipment that requires batteries outdoors in freezing weather, keep them in a warm pocket until needed.
Take batteries out of equipment that you do not use often and store them until, you are ready to use them. Avoid combining old batteries with new, since the old one can cause them to leak acid

You can tell batteries are fresh when you buy them, if you buy them from a store that has a high turnover, like a toy store. Pick batteries from the center of the stack-old batteries since it may have been left at the bottom or recycled to the top for a quicker sale.