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Since most patients do not know charges of any expense in the hospital, most of these errors go unrecognized. The most typical error that most hospital made is. a $100 electrocardiogram usually entered on your bill as $1,000 charge.

Ways to prevent billing errors:

Find out charges for the TV rental and phone, and get the fees in writing.

Keep track of basics things, and write them down daily, if you are too sick to do this, ask a family member for help. Write down these minor things, such as how many times your blood was drawn, type of medication the nurse gave you and how many times it was given.

Central Supply items: Any hospital staff or nurse always borrows supply items from a patient and most of them forget to return the item or they just don't return them and the patient is charged for the item, that they never used, while someone else is using it.

Check room and board charges: Write down the days you were in the hospital, and the day you left. The type of room you stayed in. Find out if you were charged for a private room, even if you were staying in a semiprivate room. Some hospitals have different semiprivate rates for two-bed and four-bedrooms. Check the rate differences before you accept a room.

Make sure that you received credit or refund for any lab test that you cancel, and any pharmacy charges that were returned, or unused by you. Most hospitals are too busy to make a note of test cancellations and credit is not given for drugs that were returned. Most patients don't know that they are entitled to a refund, since they are too sick to be concerned about that issue, but that can be a big saving in your hospital bill.

Ask the nurse and the doctor questions, this may seem strange, but if you can choose your doctor, ask for an inexperienced doctor, the new doctor is more willing to care about the patients and they have less patients and more time to give you.