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Getting new clients for your business is knowing the right things to do. Business requires strategic planning and implementation.

If you are reading this article, I assume that you are either already in business or aspire to go into business for yourself some day. A business thrives on the support of its customers but more specifically on getting new clients. The way you treat your current clients helps to attract new clients. This is what you would call word of mouth advertising.

A person who does business with you becomes a great advertising tool for your business. A satisfied customer will spread the word about your business, which will eventually attract new clients for your business.

With this in mind, you must be sure to provide excellent customer satisfaction, so that it creates a domino effect of new clients to your business. Give your current customers something to talk about and believe me, they will talk about you, whether good or bad. However, be sure to give them something good to talk about.

If you want your customers to rave about you to their friends and business associates, give them a little something extra. Studies show that a little extra is the fuel behind word of mouth. When you add something extra, customers notice. Give away something free. It won’t hurt your bottom line. Instead it will help you in the long run.

Speaking about free. People love “Free Stuff.” This is a great way to attract new clients. Free does not have to be a specific product. It can be free advice or free information. Anything to benefit the prospect and will turn them into a client is what you want to offer. Your free offer is a good gesture toward developing trust. The prospective client may not purchase from you immediately but they will remember your free offer and it may be the beginning of a new relationship.

Give discounts. Everyone loves discounts. Discounts tell your prospect that you are in the business of pleasing your customers. Discounts will attract new clients to your business in a positive manner and of course, this, too, becomes great word of mouth advertising for your business. Your new client will be glad to share this new discovery (discount) with their friends and associates.

Offer a money back guarantee. You would be surprised how much this means to consumers. This is an effective way to attract new clients. You will be giving them the opportunity to try your product or service with less risk. People like that. They want to feel secure in making any purchasing decision and offering a guarantee is a good way of attracting new clients.

If your market consists of prospects that are reasonably easy to identify, you may be able to start a newsletter for our target market. Your newsletter will provide information that is of benefit to your subscribers and is a good place to list your product or services. A newsletter helps to build trust between you and your subscribers. A subscriber might not purchase from you immediately but if you provide good content and build rapport, you might be able to turn your prospect into a client.

Write a Press Release and get it out. This is a good way to attract new clients and to get noticed.

Make sure your news release is newsworthy. Here's how:

1. Use a credible authority on the subject involved. In most cases, this will be you.
2. Show a new or established trend by pointing out, for instance, that something is becoming more popular.
3. Provide a new solution to an old problem.
4. Offer words of caution and explain how consumers or business owners can protect themselves.
5. Provide a different point of view for a subject already in the news

Make sure your news release is complete. How long should a news release be? Simple: long enough to tell your story. One page is too long if you don't have anything to say. Four pages are not enough if you leave out important facts. I recently mailed a ten-page news release for an attorney and one newspaper printed it verbatim.

Make sure your news release contains helpful advice. You can do this in two ways: Offer the advice in the news release itself. And offer to send more information by mail. (Provide your phone number and address at the end of the news release.) Many editors welcome your offer to mail free information because you provide an added service to their readers.

Explain how your story makes an impact on the local community. Most newspapers cover specific geographical areas. Your story should have a local connection to the people who live or work within those boundaries

Write your news release in Associated Press (AP) style. For best results, you should speak the editor's language, which is the language of the Associates Press. Most editors are overworked and understaffed. When you reduce the editor's workload and provide a well-written news release in finished form, you dramatically increase your chances for success.

Send well-written news releases often. Getting your story in print is a numbers game. Your news release might not meet the editor's needs today, but it might be perfect tomorrow. The more often you send timely and well-written news releases, the more likely you are to generate articles and interviews. I recommend you send news releases at least once each month.

Lastly, write articles on your expertise that will benefit your readers. Someone may read your article and be impressed with your knowledge. Your article may stir the reader and eventually create an interest in your product or service. There is no right or wrong way to attract new clients. Try different things until you find out what works for you.