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It's really difficult to tell going into a particular job whether the company will be expanding or even laying off workers. You can ask the management at the company about the company's future, but unless you'll be one of the top dogs at a company, the chances are they won't tell you whether they're looking at expanding or making cuts.

But one thing's for sure in the employment world. If you go into a field that will be expanding over the next years and decades, you will likely have little problem finding work. Below is a list of the top industries that are creating the most jobs and the ones that are laying off the most workers.

Industries with the greatest growth

• Restaurants and bars
• Employment agencies
• Local government
• Hospitals
• Recreation
• Home health care
• Nursing and Personal care
• Medical Doctors' Offices
• Computer software
• State government
• Trucking
• Business services
• Residential care
• Management consulting/public relations
• Social Services
• Offices of medical practitioners
• Child day care
• Grocery stores
• Motion picture production
• Elementary and secondary schools

Industries with the most lay offs
• Aircraft and parts
• Savings institutions
• Search and navigation equipment
• Computer hardware
• Missiles, space vehicles, and parts
• Variety stores
• Commercial banks
• Residential construction
• Women's clothing manufacturing
• Railroads
• Machinery wholesalers
• Electronic components
• Masonry and plastering
• Federal government manufacturing
• Instrumentation
• Subdividers and developers
• State hospitals
• Petroleum
• Steel mills