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Having a Recreational Vehicle (RV) as a permanent residence can be more economical than living in a house depending on what type of lifestyle you wish to entertain. In addition, you get to see more of the country than if you waited for your vacation to roll around each year so you could get away. Some years you may not be able to take a vacation because of large unexpected expenditures.

Purchasing an RV can cost as low as $3900 and as high as $157,000 for a new unit and from $1,000 up to $50,000 for a used unit. With the RV lifestyle, you are able to go where you feel like going and on your schedule not someone else’s. There is no rushing around getting your work up to date before you walk out of the office on the last day before your vacation begins. You don’t have to clear your recreation time with anyone nor do you have to go back to work only to find your desk piled high with work.

The travel lifestyle is very easy to maintain for the single person as well as couples who do not have children living at home. While you will need to figure in maintenance fees for your vehicle, food, campground fees, clothing and medical expenses, you will find that you can live a lot cheaper on the road than if you owned a house or rented an apartment. People live the RV lifestyle on $3,000 a year and some live on more depending on their needs and desires.

Several organizations and books can aid you in your journey.

Workers on Wheels and the Good Sam RV Club are both very helpful. Workers on Wheels has their own web site. They have several free newsletters that are published on alternating Wednesdays as well as a lot of good hints on how to save while living on the road.

Freecampgrounds has listings for free campgrounds in selected states as well as helpful links for more camping and travel information.

Books are excellent resources to investigate before you begin your quest - The Guide to Free Campgrounds by Don Wright for $16.95 and Trailer Life Directory that is published by the Good Sam Club for $19.95. The Trailer Life Directory is updated yearly. There are several other books - Camping on a Shoestring. There is an Eastern and Western Division - one of each side of the United States.

There are a lot of RV clubs that you can join and receive campground discounts. Also campsites will allow you to stay at their facilities free of charge in exchange for work. You will need to decide for yourself and what type of camping you prefer as to whether it would be cost effective for you to join or not join an RV club.

Before purchasing an RV, do a lot of shopping around. Go back several times to see if the type of camper, motor home or fifth wheel trailer is what you really want.

You may be wondering where the money to keep traveling is going to come from. There are many avenues to work around the country. There are classified ads in different towns, national temporary agencies you can list with and Workers on Wheels has a classified ad section. If you don't mind doing odd jobs, seasonal work or what you are trained to do at different locations, then this type of lifestyle would be agreeable. You can go where you want to go and in your time frame.

If you have prescription medication you need to renew on a regular basis, you can list with a nation wide drug store. With the sophistication of computers, the drug store can look your account up and fill your prescription. Also some mail order pharmacies will forward your prescription to a drug store of your choice.

With the aid of voicemail services, you can have family and friends leave messages that can be retrieved at your convenience. Also, cellular phones will work in most places. Remember that you won't be reachable by cell phone everywhere you go so invest in phone calling cards.

Whatever you decide to do, investigate your options and have some money in the bank as a resource for the times when employment opportunities may not be available.