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So you have an upcoming interview. Remember, being well prepared is the key. That means to act and dress professionally. Below, are some tips that will get you on your way to a successful interview.

How To Prepare
· Research the company. Look in trade directories. Do some homework on the Internet or contact professional organizations. Another tool is to get a copy of the organization’s annual report.
· Bring a list of references and an extra resume.
· You may be asked about current events, so read the newspaper.
· Since you may be asked questions about yourself, rehearse before you get to the interview.
· Bring along a pen and notepaper.

Types of Questions
Here are some typical questions that you may be asked at your next interview. When interviewing, it is important to be a good communicator. That means to have eye contact and answer the interviewer in complete sentences. And have a personality! First-class people skills are vital for an interview to go smoothly.

· What was the last book you’ve read?
· What was the last movie you saw?
· How do you deal with tension?
· How do you deal with rejection?
· How do you cope with change?
· How tolerant are you of others’ opinions?
· What are your motivations?
· What is your worst personality trait?
· What is your best personality trait?
· What sports do you play?
· Are you competitive?
· How would you work with someone you didn’t like?
· How well do you work under pressure?
· What are your personal short-term goals?
· What are your personal five-year goals?
· How do you handle leadership?
· What are your greatest strengths?
· What are your greatest weaknesses?
· What is your biggest professional challenge?
· Are you willing to take risks?
· What decisions are difficult for you?
· Do you manage your time well?
· How do you handle criticism?
· How do you get along with co-workers?
· Why should I consider you?
· What do you find most interesting about this job?
· What do you find least interesting about this job?
· Are you willing and able to travel?
· Why do you want to work for us?

The Interview

· Arrive before your appointment. The worst impression of all is when you are late!
· Do not chew gum.
· Dress professionally.
· Remember to have a nice firm handshake.
· Sit erect. That means no slouching.

How To Dress

Since first impressions can say a lot about the person, it is important to look professional. For men, a suit is advisable. For women, a conservative suit or dress works best.

Also, keep in mind that personal grooming is just as important as dressing well for the interview. Press your clothes before the interview and make sure your shoes are free from scruffs. Hair should be neat and professional. Don’t wear a lot of cologne or perfume, makeup or jewelry.