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Getting that Job!

Now we have got so far as the interview and we are as nervous as a "cat on a on tin roof!" The disappointment when someone else is chosen for a position we have set our sites on can be overwhelming. All kinds of discouraging thoughts enter our mind, "we were not good enough", or "I¡¦m unlucky!" We need to stack the cards in our favor so to speak. There are ways to improve the odds of getting that dream job. Then if you aren¡¦t the one selected you will at least know you have done your best.

We should show confidence, however don¡¦t be over confident.

Do not show up at lunchtime, you will certainly be noticed negatively. Listen; do not interrupt. Try to be confident by knowing that you do have a chance of getting the job.
Look directly at the interviewer, never lower your eyes as if you are timid.

Your appearance is important and gives an insight on your personality and professionalism. Just a few minutes of "sizing up" by the potential employer and he will have formed an opinion by the time the conversation begins, and this can be negative or positive. Your attire could make the initial difference.

These "how to dress" rules may seem basic but many people assume that casual is ok. Maybe it could be in some instances but why take the chance?

Perhaps you would not want to:
- Chew gum, or smoke.
- Wear strong perfume or after-shave.
- Wear large earrings, or carry a huge bulky purse.
- Wear heavy make-up.
- Wear seductive clothing.
- Choose any hair-do that is extreme.
- Wear jeans or tee shirts

But please, do:
- Have clean, manicured nails.
- Men should be cleanly shaven.
- No tennis shoes, but shoes that are appropriate.
- Clothes should be freshly pressed, or at least wrinkle free and not worn badly.
- Hair should be clean and neatly styled.

You will need to show a future employer that you are capable and self-reliant. You would not want to take friends or relatives with you on an interview.