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Stress is an individual's phenomena of mental, physical and emotional state. Its stressful to be down and out of job. It is impossible to eliminate stress totally from our lives. We can however, reduce stress by taking charge of our attitude and behavior.

Job hunting without stress involves targeting the ads for the type of work that you're comfortable in. You'll have confidence being on your own turf and this will be reflected positively in the interview. Don't try to change boat in mid-stream. Unless you are very young in your career, this may work against you. A middle-aged person may be seen as having a mid-life identity crisis by trying to switch boats. Besides, a Jack-of-all trades is sadly a master of none.

Take stock of your strengths as well as your weaknesses. If you think that this is the beacon to welcoming change, then calculate your risks. Look before you leap. Seek advice from friends. They know you better than you know yourself. Get help to find the right direction in choosing a new job. A third person helps to see things in the proper perspective. This helps to ensure you put your feet on solid ground.

Job hunting doesn't only mean searching out the ads. Sometimes the right job may only be a phone call away. Pass the word around that you are available. Avoid asking point-blank for a job. People react favorably to voluntarily offering help than otherwise. Psychologically, they don't feel threatened if you don't demand form them. Play your cards right. Let the help come from the heart.

Learn to go with that gut feeling. Your impressions count. You may be desperate to land that job but if your inner vibes warn you that something is amiss, back off. You can never be that desperate to accept a post you'll regret.

Touch base with your pals to keep your morale high. You never know when your networking will net you the right job. It'll also help you to keep in touch with what's happening in and around town.

When you're hired, don't forget to make your rounds of thank-yous to all who've supported you throughout your ordeal of job hunting. You'll be getting contacts for your new job as well. Plus it boosts your morale by raising your status in your friends' eyes. you're no longer the down and out loafer.

Don't rest on your laurels. Work hard to entrench yourself within your new company. You never know when the next job crunch will come.