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If you've ever gone to a job interview, chances are you've experienced one time or another that you felt uncomfortable answering an interview question. Sometimes the questions are very legitimate, such as "What are your weaknesses?" or "Do you have 20/20 vision?" But sometimes the questions potential employers ask aren't legal. Yes, there are certain questions that employers aren't supposed to ask during interviews. Here are some of them.

• You can't be asked if you are addicted to anything. This is personal information. You can't be asked to reveal any information that may reveal any personal psychological condition.
• You can't be asked to take any psychological tests before being offered a job.
• You can't be asked to take a medical test before you're offered a position.
• Any tests they give you examine how honest you are or to find out some of your habits cannot be taken to any psychological laboratory for analysis.
• You can be given a fitness test, but your employers cannot give you any medical tests (including a blood pressure test) after your fitness test.
• You can't be asked any probing questions about any disabilities you have.
• An employer can ask you how many days you took off during the previous year.
• An employer can ask if you have perfect hearing or sight.
• An employer can ask you whether you can perform certain physical tasks related to your potential job.
• You can be required to take a drug test. But if your test results turn up positive, you can only be asked about which legal drugs you are taking, including alcohol.
• You can't be denied a job based on a psychological or medical test. It's legal for an employer to require you to take a medical or psychological test, once you've been offered a job. But you cannot be denied the job unless any problems with the test results proves that you're incapable to do the job.