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Becoming your own boss is not a decision you make on a moment's notice. It requires careful consideration. The income is not as stable as that when you're employed, the work is not guaranteed, and depending on the type of work you'll be doing, the undertaking may be quite risky. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to become your own boss.

• Working for yourself is as challenging as working for someone else. You have to worry about budgeting, accounting, marketing, public relations, and doing the job you want to do.
• Expect to put in long hours. People who work for themselves generally work longer and harder hours than they did when they were working for someone else. So, if you're working for yourself in order to take a break and expecting some time to relax, think again.
• Find a good industry. The industry you choose to work in should be one that isn't subject to downsizing. You want to find an industry that is growing, so you can have an easier time finding work.
• Don't choose an industry that already has megastores. You want to avoid industries that already have stores that the majority of people do business with. The best small businesses are the ones that can specialize in something that no one really does.
• Have some capital. A good plan is to have money to support yourself for at least three months before you get started with your business. This will help you be a bit more relaxed and less concerned about your personal situation and more concerned about forwarding your business.
• Avoid burn out. When you work long hours for yourself, it's easy to get burned out. Take breaks frequently, exercise, and make sure you take a couple days off now and then. It's easy to get so caught up in your business that you forget about keeping yourself healthy mentally and physically.
• Write a business plan. Talk with your local branch of the Small Business Administration about what kinds of things you should keep in mind when starting your business. You should write a business plan so you know where you're headed, and you can stay more focused on your goals.