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Resign gracefully to keep your reputation intact for a variety of reasons. Firstly, keep your employment options open. You may encounter your ex-company in future dealings whether official or private. So keep smiling on your way out.

Another reason you should quit gracefully is to avoid your ex-boss sabotaging you with nasty work references or ruining your good name with lies to every networking contact. Resigning with grace is like walking away with a classy attitude. Take special pains to say your thank yous. The company and employer that have supported you financially thus far deserve that as a mere form of courtesy. This will lessen the hurt and betrayal felt by your old boss.

Buttering up to your old boss makes him friendly and supportive of your career move. You will remove friends and need not worry about being stabbed in the back with nasty gossip or work references.

When you've tendered your resignation, don't even be tempted by greed when your boss makes a counter-offer. One reason is that you've already betrayed your boss' trust in you. Another reason is that he will never trust you again so your career advancement with that company is checked or finished.

Tender your resignation by hand. It is a cowardly act to send in such an important letter by impersonal mail. Allow this courtesy of a last interview with your boss. He will respect you for not running away with your tail between your legs. If you really aren't up to it, use a confidential email to inform him. Abide by your employment contract and give the required notice period. Granted it is unpleasant to continue working after your intentions to leave have been made clear. Do your duty like a soldier and remain at your post until you are officially relieved.

Leave no loose ends untied. Arrange to finish your work or document the responsibilities still pending. Hand over your work to your successor and remain open to requests for help to clarify matters.

Your boss and colleagues may want to insist on giving you a farewell party. Accept the honor, knowing that you may never see them again. It is in good faith that your boss is saying good-bye to you so you should do the same. Pay your dues, including thanking everyone in the company for having worked with you.

Give a contact number to your ex-boss and colleagues so that they can reach you should there be any for clarification of your past work.

It is tempting to bad-mouth your ex-boss and colleagues. However, word gets around and eventually they will get wind of it. Character assassination is an offense which may be prosecuted as a libel suite. Any other form of sabotage is not wise as this carries adverse criminal and career repercussions.

Leave greed behind and refrain from removing company property like stationery etc. Don't give them any chances of bad-mouthing you. Besides, you're leaving for greener pastures and don't need to act like a miserly scrimp!