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Headhunters spend countless hours surfing through the available talent across the country. Their jobs are to find the top people in a given field and swipe them from one job to another in order to help out their clients.
If you're sitting in your office reading this, you may be asking yourself: "Why haven't the headhunters swiped me away?" There may be a variety of reasons. You may not be directly in line with what they're looking for, or perhaps, they simply haven't discovered you yet. Here are some tips.

• Do an amazing job at the position you're in. You want to establish yourself as one of the best in your field. Accomplish your professional goals, meet deadlines, and make sure you're well respected in your position.
• Establish an impeccable reputation. Those who have the best reputations are the ones who get noticed. You want people to talk about how good of a job you're doing. You want to do your job to the utmost extreme that those in your office and those working for your competition are talking about you.
• Attend association and industry meetings and seminars. You want to get noticed, and the best way to do that is to be as active as possible in your business. Write articles for industry publications, be your own public relations firm in order to get your name and mission out to the ones who matter most. You want to be yourself and be unique.
• Contact the headhunter yourself. While most headhunters find the people they want to move on their own, you can always try writing them yourself. While this tactic typically doesn't work, if you want to get noticed, send in a letter and resume. You'll get the best results if you follow that letter up by asking a friend who knows the headhunter to call him or her and put in a good word.
• If you do get called by a headhunter, never talk to him when he first calls. Ask if you can call him back. You want to make sure that the headhunter is who he says he is.
• Talk frankly with the headhunter. Offer your opinions and thoughts. This is your chance to make your mark.