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Employment agencies have become more and more of a valuable resource for those in search of work. There are several different agency types and you should know exactly
what they do in order to find the one that best suits you and your career needs.

Temporary Services - These agencies deal specifically with providing businesses with temporary help. In this case, the temp agency usually hires you and then loans you out
to other businesses. Those businesses pay the temporary agency which, in turn, pays you.

Private Placement Firms - These companies basically match employees to employers. The placement service will charge a fee, but usually only when someone is actually
hired. It is typically the employer who pays the fee, but this depends upon the individual placement firm.

Retained Search Firms - Companies hire these firms to find workers, usually at the executive level, for them. The company looking for workers pays their fee, which isn’t
dependent upon whether or not anyone is actually hired.

Job Listing Services - These companies are different from actual employment agencies in that they don’t actually place anyone in jobs. Rather, they collect information on jobs that are out there and sell consolidated lists.

Executive Counseling Services - These companies help you to write effective resumes, make good career decisions, improve interviewing abilities. They don’t actually help
you find jobs or place you anywhere. They just help you know what to do when you find one of your own. They charge you a fee regardless of whether or not you find a

Public Employment Services - This service is provided by the government at no cost and often has resources available such as career counseling and job screening. They can
also refer you to an appropriate job training service. They will help you with preparing your resume, interviewing skills, and evaluating your skills. They provide particular
support to senior citizens, the disabled, veterans, and public aid recipients.