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The search engines are a good place to start. Use the search engines to find out everything. Make sure you use keywords that will help you to come up with specific topics that you are trying to locate on telecommuting. You can put quotation marks around key phrases or the + sign around important words. This will insure that these words exist in each document or site that the search engine finds.

Type keywords like: work at home, work from home, telecommute, telecommuting, telecommuting jobs, telecommuting message boards, home employment, employment, jobs, free jobs, telecommuting resources, telecommuting tips, homeworkers,
home-based, working from home, home jobs or you can type in the specific position you are looking for, like typists, administrative assistant, medical transcriptionist, medical transcriber, programmer, writer, editor, mystery shopper, sales, graphic designer, web designer, etc.

Subscribe to any telecommuting or work at home ezine. Type the word "Telecommuting Ezines or Home Business Ezines" in your search engine and see what you come up with. Make sure these Ezines are free, unless you want a paid subscription.

A Free Ezine is just as good as a paid one. I would recommend:

These ezines deliver resources and work at home job listings each week or month, depending on when they are published and subscription is free.
You will receive free telecommuting job listing as a subscriber.

Search for work at home forums, discussion lists, job newsgroups and message boards. You just may find a few jobs that have been posted by employers but be careful. There are some scammers out there who go from message board to message board posting and soliciting dishonest work at home plans. Don't waste your time on this. You will know them. If it sounds too good to be true...BEWARE!!

You can start your own Telecommuting forum at You would be surprised at how many interesting visitors you would acquire.

If you are a Medical Transcriptionist, the best place to start your search is There are many hospitals in your community, that need medical transcribers and who will possibly consider telecommuting. If you are a programmer, editor, writer or web designer, you have a slight edge. There are a number of sites listed in the previous chapters that will help to make your search easier.

The most difficult work at home job to find is a typist and one of the reasons is that most people know how to type and a lot of people are looking for typing jobs to do at home. In other words, the demand is more than the supply. is a great site that does have a list of typing jobs to choose from.

Here are a few more as well: is a site that offers free registration and secretarial projects but you must type at least 80WPM.

Don't be discouraged though, because there are still companies that do need your help. It's just going to take you a little longer than usual, unless you get real lucky or you spend more time in your search.

Get on a mailing list. Type the word "telecommuting mailing list or work at home mailing list" in your search engine and see what you come up with. Be careful not to join too many mailing list. Your email account will sometimes be bombarded with junk email messages.

Another thing that worked for me is browing through the job section in the Online Newspapers. Type the word "online newspaper" in your search engine. A list of online newspapers will come up at different sites and will include the state you live in. Find the job section and browse.

Some will allow you to do advanced searches. Then you can type in the word "telecommute" or "work from home." This was a very great source for me. Please try this for yourself.

There are no magic answers to this. It does take a lot of research and a lot of work. Our jobs are updated bi-weekly and sometimes weekly depending on how many jobs are available for that particular week.

I urge you not to give up your search for that great telecommuting job. It is the same when you are searching for a day job. Just when you think not, there it is. You landed a great job. It is the same with telecommuting. It is out there but you must make up your mind to find it.

Companies don't usually advertise work at home jobs in your local newspaper as they would a day job but I find that they advertise it online, which is the best place to start looking as we have already discussed. Approaching a company is a bold step that you may want to take if you are desperate to find a work at home job but make sure you are prepared, that means you have great skills and you are equipped to work from home. Your local Temporary agency may have work at home jobs. You never know. Try them. You may be surprised.

Your search will be a test to see if you will be any good at telecommuting because you will gain the perseverance and motivation necessary to do telecommuting.