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When you pay attention as you go into a Chinese restaurant, you will notice they all have one thing in common. In the far back left corner of the room, you will find an aquarium or a fountain with running water. Oftentimes there is a second one up by the cash register.

The ancient art of energy balance has been practiced for thousands of years. With a little creative interior decorating you can balance your home or office.

If you work from home, invest in a small fountain. Keep it filled with clean water and keep it running constantly. Place it in the farthest left corner of the room, your wealth corner. I realize that maybe where your favorite
recliner maybe residing, but if you want cash flow to increase, you need to be flexible.

If you have a stairway that seems to end by your front door, hang a small wind chime to block all your energy from running out the front door.

If you have a fireplace, get a decorative screen or a very large green plant. Rubber trees are good from preventing all your good energy going up the chimney.

To increase prosperity, make sure your office has a balance of each of these: a live plant, running water, something made of wood, and a photo or painting of water, or a positive nature scene. Take these few tips and put them into place and soon you will see your cash flow increase.