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If there's a holiday coming up, chances are you're tossing around the idea of getting your boss or employee a gift. Maybe it's a birthday, perhaps a Christmas gift, or maybe it's Secretary's Day. There are good gifts and bad ones to give your co-workers. You want the gift to be fun, but you don't want it to be risque. And some employers or employees are particularly sensitive about how much a gift costs. Here are some gift-giving tips.

• You don't want the gift to be too expensive. If you want to give your supervisor a gift. Keeping it in a reasonable price range is safe. If you give him a gift that is too expensive, he or she may be thankful but wondering if you expect something significant in return. It also will cause your co-workers to think you're asking for special treatment, perhaps a promotion or raise. This could cause conflicts that you may not want to involve yourself in.
• An expensive gift puts your employer in a difficult situation. If he or she is considering you for a promotion and you give him or her a fairly expensive gift, he may feel resentment about giving the promotion to you, because it may look as if the promotion is in direct exchange for the gift.
• For boss-to-employee gifts, keeping the costs nominal is important. You want to treat your employees fairly similarly. You may give managers more expensive gifts than other employees. You may also give gifts based on income levels.
• Avoid giving gifts that are sexual in nature. Don't give your boss lingerie. Don't give him or her condoms. Regardless of whether it's a prank gift, you don't want rumors to be started. It's best to avoid the situation altogether.
• Keep the gifts traditional. It's best to give your employer or employee basic gifts. Give books, picture frames, champagne, or knick-knacks. Going too far from this rule can cause problems.