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Ever felt betrayed by your best friend at work? This goes to show that a colleague may not be your friend, let alone your best friend. When the crunch comes, it is always self-preservation that rules the day.

Put an end to the enemy attacking within your walls by excluding private confidences from your colleagues. You never know when they may use something against you. Keep this in mind and do well never to mix business with pleasure. It might have been cool to crack jokes at your cranky boss but keep those private asides for your private allies outside your work circle.

If you get that promotion, don't feel bad about isolating from the common crowd. You have moved ahead of the brat pack and need not be apologetic about it. You can bet that your colleagues who are passed over are slandering you behind your back. Don't get haughty with your subordinates. You can still maintain your bosom buddies but now at a professional level.

Just as you are wary of being betrayed by your office pal, you shouldn't betray official confidences. When pressed for sensitive information, give non-committal remarks and never give cause for others to misquote you. Gossip is a form of character assassination. Your secrets are not safe with anybody with the potential to harm you.

Work and play don't mix. It is a bad idea to join in the wild parties of the office crowd. You'll lose the respect of all by showing you lost your senses and your cool.

You may call upon your old friendships to invoke loyalty for you. This same tactic can also work to your disadvantage when your subordinates take advantage of old ties and expect your double standards to give them grace or worse, let them off the hook for mistakes. You are being blackmailed! Be firm about your stand. Convince the "violator" that decorum works for the good of everybody involved.

It is lonely at the top. If you are planning to lead the pack, then get used to the pack behind you and not on par with you. Don't feel hurt being left out from the common masses' social circle. Understand that you are excluded because they would feel threatened by a higher authority being present at their pajamas parties.

If someone else gets the promotion, discard your resentments and green eyes. You need to butter up the right side of your toast. Give your new superior credit and co-operate with her/him to work the field.

Enjoy your working life. Make the best of it. Don't quit at the slightest provocation. Don't move around too much unless it’s absolutely essential for your career advancement. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Who knows, you may be the next in line for the upcoming promotion.