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So you were pink-slipped. The world may seem like it’s over but it isn’t. I promise you. You can find a job that you will love just as much, if not better, than your previous job.

You just need to make a visit to your local unemployment office and you will find a wealth of resources.

1) Job Board - Ours has several types of listings.

a) Professional/Technical/
b) Education/School District
c) Clerical
d) Sales
e) Services
f) Agriculture
g) Fishery, Forestry
h) Processing
i) Machine Trades
j) Benchwork
k) Construction/Structural work
l) Transportation/Mining

2) Internet Access -Would now be a good
time to find a job in another state? The
Internet is the fastest and easiest
way available.

3) Aptitude Testing -It doesn’t take long to
find out what your strengths and
weaknesses are.

4) JTPA (Joint Training Partnership Act) -
Training (either on-the-job or schooling)
is available for low-income and displaced

5) Resume Help -Internet access, books, and
pamphlets are available to help you find
a job.

6) Career Counseling -Not sure what you want
to do? Unemployment resources can give
you the specifics you need to change jobs
or careers.

7) Career Matrix -Explains different types of
jobs/careers, duties involved, education
required and hourly wage.

8) Small Business Help -Information is
available to start your own business.

9) Interview Tips -Not sure how to answer the
questions that you know will be asked?
The unemployment office can help you with
the right answers.

10) Career Pathways -Shows you the types of
jobs you are eligible for with what type
of education.

I can’t say enough for unemployment resources. There is undoubtedly more help available. They are there to help and will if you let them. Who knows? You may just be able to work your way to the job of your dreams.