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Having a social life is as important as having a proffessional life. We must learn to seperate these two. I will show you how to seperate these two types of lifestyles.

No one ever mentioned not spending enough time at the office, but most people complain about not having enough time to enjoy their lives to do what they want to do, besides working. Bear in mind that work has its busy seasons and its peak periods. Balcnce is the goal to work toward creating a social life for yourself.

Make a conscious effort to change your mind-set when you are not at work. Try to avoid these business mind-sets inappropriate in non-office activities. Such as, you made an agenda to spend the afternoon with your child and stick to that agenda, even when something more interesting intrudes.

Give yourself a steady stream of physical cues to help you seperate your office from your private world. Don't wear a watch on weekends. If you feel time pressures even when you're at home, don't use digital clocks in the car or home. They pace off the seconds and minutes too relentlessly for many people.

Change your clothes as soon as you get home. And if you feel lonely without your briefcase, experiment with the feeling of being without it.

Use your physical settings to help you keep work in its place. Tell yourself that you can work only at a particular place at home if you must work. Don't take papers to bed with you. Don't spread them out over the couch, the dining table and the floor.

Relax before plunging into housework or domestic activities. Working women especially have trouble giving themselves a ten-minute break when they get home because they're inclined to feel anxious about talking with the children or starting dinner. Take a break, do these chores later.

Resist the growing tendency to abuse the whole winding-down process by taking up activities that create problems of their own. Such as, addictive exercise, overeating or overdrinking. A better choice is to use the transition time as a period of discovery. Walk or drive home along a different route. Pick up something new at the newstand instead of the usual evening paper.

The other side of leaving the office at the office is to leave home at home. It may be productive to use lunchtimes to buy things you need, but that's not helpful in keeping the two worlds seperate.