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Most of us want to look good, feel great, and feel rich even though we may not have the financial assets to actually be rich. However, ironically, most people don't really know how much money we make but rather, they judge us by what we wear and the image we carry. Therefore, it is not necessary to be rich to make people think you are rich though, thus the best way to create the image is to look good and to know where to shop.
The key is not to forget about the department stores and the respected chain stores, but rather to buy a few from them and more from other and cheaper places. Although many of us who like to consider ourselves wealthy do pay attention to the brand names peole are wearing, usually you can get a way with having a couple of brand names and the rest of your clothes from other places without giving away that you do not really have the money to afford the brand names.
Now when you go shopping for those few brand name clothes that you do want to show off, it will be much smarter to get tops to plaster the name of the store all over your shirt. The top half of your body is the area most paid attention to, and the first spot people notice. Mostly, when it comes to jeans, shorts, or skirts you can get away with regualar brands from anywhere if you pair it with a cute top. Also, forget about brand names for shoes, because ninety-nine percent of the time you will find the same exact shoes in a different brand for much cheaper. Your main goal is to avoid wearing the same clothes too many times, so get in as many different new combinations as you can and try new things, set your own trends as long as they're not too outrageous.
So when you get your paycheck and are looking for clothes, shop around because you will definitely be surprised at how many different stores carry the same stuff for different prices.
Shop at stores that carry brand names for less or wait for department store sales. The key to looking rich is through what you wear and how you carry yourself so don't worry about where you get your clothes because no one will ever know. And if they do ask, shrug it off or just tell them you keep where you shop your own business.
The final aspect of looking richer than you really are is to act rich! Keep your head up high and be proud of who you are and what you have, because no one will really ever know where it came from! Act rich regardless of your financial situations and let people know you;re worth anything! If you follow all these steps, you've most likely accomplished looking richer than you really are!