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Almost everyone has a box of sparkling old buttons from Grandma's sewing chest to marvel at, or set of dominoes, checkers, or mahjongg pieces rescued from a flea market. Maybe they have a partial Scrabble game and perhaps even a collection of colorful, fifty-one-to-a-deck playing cards purchased at an antique store tucked away in a drawer.

Gather your treasures together and start earning extra income now! Strap those buttons on a piece of elastic to create eye-catching bangle bracelets. Glue the dominoes, checkers, and Scrabble pieces onto earrings or pin backs for guys and gals. Whatever the material, mount your artwork on one-of-a-kind playing cards for good money in a rewarding home jewelry business.

In addition to having the satisfaction of creating fun gifts for family and friends out of "heirloom" materials, once the word is out, relatives will often send along their extra buttons and collectibles. This helps build your inventory, resulting in a minimal investment for supplies. The season for successful jewelry selling is year-round, since the pieces make wonderful birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as fun wardrobe accessories anytime. Men, women, and children can wear these buttons, domino, and checker pins and earrings.

Earrings and pins can be made without drilling, however. Just purchase an inexpensive glue gun from the neighborhood hardware store, or sturdy "glue dot" stickers, as well as earring and pin backs, available wholesale. What's more, anyone can do this.

BUYING SUPPLIES. Finding supplies can be time-consuming at first, but all supplies can be bought in one's own neighborhood or ordered from supply catalogs.

A designer can build a niche by making pins out of the buttons and old mahjongg betting sticks. Anybody can do it who has a set of buttons as long as they are creative.

Jewelry making is a nice way to keep collections alive. But if one is not ready to part with treasures, items can be purchased at flea markets. Buttons of quality range form a penny to $8 or $10.

The old glass and semi-precious stone buttons can
be considered a study in texture from a jeweler's point of view. But ordinary plastic buttons, which come in all shapes and sizes, make perfectly creative and whimsical materials, too.

Vintage collectible mahjongg and bamboo bracelets may wholesale from $88 to $250 and are considered to be the best form of jewelry from ordinary treasures.