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Is best to buy your fur from furrier-especially from a member of the select professional Fur council of Canada than from a department store. Furriers are better trained and they have more knowledge than department stores. They are more flexible on prices. Since this is a major investment, furs should look magnificent and fit perfectly. There should be no one reasons why the buyer should settle for less, when it comes to choosing a mink.

In order to choose the best fur, Think of the furs function, some furs are more fragile, others are durable a characteristic of the fur itself that is independent of its price. Most durable: Mink, beaver, raccoon and fisher. More fragile (not for everyday wear): Sable. lynx, fox, chinchilla, broadtail and squirrel. Except for the more expensive kind (over $5,000) avoid dyed furs, because dyed furs oxidize, which will turn into an unforeseeable color. sooner or later.

Less attractive furs may have their color changed by dyeing or bleaching. Both of these processes tend to weaken the skins somewhat and to oxidize the furs, causing them to turn reddish or yellowish upon lengthy exposure to sun and air.

Furs bought at Auction need to be preserved and beautified. Dressing and dyeing firms specialize in certain types of furs and charge a price for each processed skin.

Furriers process the necessary paperwork and provide free shipping to your home, so that you can avoid making the trip to Montreal and you also avoid the national and Quebec sales taxes of 14% (There is no longer any US custom tax on good brought in from Canada)