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Have you ever left your office and dreaded the long drive home? Well, I have. I would suffer through a never ending day of phone calls, court appearances, and meetings, and then have to drive over an hour to get home. I hated it! Who wants to leave work only to have to fight summer traffice for over an hour? I got tired of it. I had to think of something to do to make the end of the day just that--the end of the day. What did I do? I bought a convertible.

I bought a convertible. Yes. A Red, 1999 Anniversary Edition, Mustang Convertible. Equipped with CD player and racing stripes. Was it expensive? You bet! Was it worth it? Definitely! Something about stepping into that car and hitting the gas made me feel great. Not just good -- great. I'm talking about let your hair down, feel the wind on your face terrific! And that's not all. The attention I got was worth every penny of the astronomical car payment.

Even when you think you look great -- when your hair is perfect, when your makeup resembles art--nobody really notices you when you're driving down the highway. However, if your hair is blowing around wildly, and the stereo is blaring, and you're in a hot convertible, everybody notices you. They not only notice you--they make sure you know they notice you. I can't tell you how many men, and women, honk their horns when I pass. I can't remember how many toll collectors have commented on how nice my day must be going. It's amazing. I was suddenly transformed from a so-so looking woman driving along in rush hour traffic to a sexy wild woman cruising the highway.

Did buying a convertible solve all of my problems? Heck, no. Did it make my drive home any shorter? No way. But, did it make my drive home an adventure? You bet it did. Now, I know what you're all saying: "I can't afford that kind of car!" So what? Rent one for the weekend. Borrow a friend's car. Do something. Because, once you see how great it makes you feel, you'll do whatever it takes to afford one. You cannot put a price on happiness. But, if you want to try, call your local Ford dealership. See if you can work something out.

(Caveat--I did not write this article to endorse the purchase of Ford vehicles. I merely used my own car as an example.)