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There are many ways to care for your leather garments, below are ways to extend the life of your garment.

1// Buy leather clothes a little bigger than you need, because they never be enlarged. This is mostly important in women's trousers.

2// Be aware that suede and leather can shrink in cleaning.

3// Avoid wearing your leather clothes in the rain, if the garment becomes wet, dry it away from heat.

4// Use a dry sponge on leather occasionally to remove the surface dust.

5// Wear a scarf inside your neck to prevent oil stains from your skin.

6// Don't store leather/sued in plastic bag. Put dust covers over the shoulders.

7// Never put perfume on a suede or leather garment. Even putting it on the lining is risky.

8// Don't pin jewelry or flowers on leather garments. Pinholes do not come out.

9// Store leathers in a cool spot.