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In May of 1992, my husband and I moved into this farm house in Kutztown, PA. It was to be a temporary rental till we could build our house. Our stay ended up lasting until April 1997.

The house was part of a 200+ acre farm. (We only rented the house.) We were told that the house itself was over 200 years old. I am not sure when, but the house had, at some point been renovated, in so much as adding indoor plumbing, electrical wiring and a bathroom.

I had felt a presence at the house the very day we moved in, but I ignored the feelings as being those feelings caused by the anticipation and anxiety over moving to such a secluded property. The house was, after all, 3/4 of a mile off any main road and in the middle of corn fields. It felt like I was living in Iowa or something.

Within the first week we began to hear noises like floor boards squeeking as though someone were walking around upstairs, and the dogs would stand and their hair would raise up on end and they would growl and bark at nothing. The TV and radios would go on and off whenever they wanted. Sometimes they would shut of and we could not get them to work for days. All of a sudden they would start working again.

Many times, I would be standing at my kitchen sink working and this plastic cutting board that hung near by would start swinging back and forth almost frantically. Now mind you, there were no windows or doors open and no breezes present at these times. AND, no one had moved them in any manner whatsoever. Sometimes when I was in a bad mood I would say, "Now George (I called him George) knock it off." The board would stop moving.

There were other times when I had foster children in the house that they would tell me they had the feeling someone was outside their bedroom window looking in. Mind you, the bedrooms were on the second floor with no way of climbing up to them without a ladder.

I guess the eeriest thing that happened was that the ghost finally showed itself to me and then made actions in front of my husband to cause him to realize we were not joking about having a ghost. The first incident happened when I was returning home with one of the kids, and was backing into my parking place in front of the house at too fast of a speed. For some reason, I looked into my rear view mirror and saw this scruffy old man in bib overalls motioning for me to stop. When I physically turned around and looked there was no one there. This entity was trying to stop me from hitting an above ground gasoline tank the owner had there to fuel his equipment.

Before I tell of my husband's experience, let me tell you this:

The nephew of the property owner and a friend of my husband's family dropped in to day hello. Out of the blue he asked if we had met Rob yet. We said "who"? he told us of an older man that used to own and rent out the farm house, and how he used to peek into windows and stuff. At this point George became Rob.

Now on to my husband's experience...

One morning we slept in and my husband got up to go take a shower. I was still in bed, but awake. The stairs leading upstairs do so from the kitchen and there is a closed and latched door at the bottom of the stairs. We ALWAYS kept it closed and latched when we were in bed. My husband comes out of the bathroom and as he rounded the corner to enter our room, he sees the latch on the door raise and the door opened, but there was no one there. The door opened all the way, closed and latched itself again. Then, the latch raised again, and the door opened part way and remained that way. By this point I was standing there, seeing the same thing. As for my husband..... let's just say his hair was standing up on his arms and head. Never did he deny we had a ghost living there ever again.

Currently, this house, located in Richmond Township/Berks County IS NOT listed on record as being haunted. It should be!