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The A-Z of Stephen King

A - is for Hearts in Atlantis which was published in 1999, and has five tales of childhood and college days in the 1960s
B - is for Bag of Bones, a story about a haunted town.
C - is for Carrie, a novel in which a child is abused by her mother and classmates. She is forced to use telekinetic powers on them.
D - is for Delores Clairborne, a novel that concerns a housekeeper who is accused of murder for the second time.
E - is for English Teacher - Stephen graduated BSC in English from the University of Maine.
F - is for Fears - despite the fact King is a 6 foot 4, 200 pound man he enjoys giving the world the heebie-jeebies, King has many phobias of his own like: death, insects, deformity, rats, snakes, and the dark.
G - is for The Green Mile released in 1996 as a series of six novellas
H - is for The Dark Half this book has an intriguing and illuminating plot.
I - is for It - if you have read this book you will never look at a clown or balloons the same again.
J - is for January 1971 - King married Tabitha Spruce on this day.
K - is for Kubrick - The idea for Kings third book The Shining was born on a weekend trip with his wife and no kids. They stayed at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. During the weekend King found the place unsettling and disturbing. He imagined the entire book in his
head and wrote it quickly afterwards. Stanley Kubrick took up the book. Stanley Kubrick is a renowned director.
L - is for the Girl who Loved Tom Gordon, a survival story about a nine year old girl who steps off a trail and gets lost.
M - is for Misery - In June of 1999 Stephen King was struck by a vehicle, and Paul Sheldon the writer in Misery sufferes a similar incident. It is true that fiction mirrors reality but it is spooky when the opposite is true.
N - is for Nellie Ruth King - Stephen King was born in Portland Maine on September 21, 1947 to his mother Nellie Ruth King and father Donald King. His father abandoned the
family when King was only two and mom raised him. Nellie Ruth King died of cancer in 1973
O - is for On Writing One of King's projects for the year 2000 is a book called On Writing. King will tell how and why he became a writer, and part two will be a how-to guide.
P - is for Pseudonym - King used the name Richard Bachman in his early career.
Q - is for Quiz Book - The Stephen King quiz book published in 1990
R - is for Reservoir - In May of 2000 King took a tour with water officials of the Quabbin Reservoir which serves the city of Boston. His prime motive was to do research for his new novel, Dreamcatcher
S - is for The Stand, a book about the good in Denver and the bad in Los Vegas. The death of almost the entire human race.
T - is for The Dark Tower Series which consists of: The gunslinger, The drawing of the Three, The waste Lands, and Wizard and Class.
U - is for The Undead, another early work of King's which was adapted into a mini-series called Salems Lot.
V - is for Visitor from Space, Stephen King’s 1988 novel, The Tommyknockers
W - is for Wealth - In 1996 Stephen King's estimated income was $84 million. He receives $200.00 for pocket money weekly.
X - is for The X- Files first aired on August second in 1998. Creepy and Gory these episodes are a treat for King’s fans.
Y - is for Youth - As he grew up, Stephen King and his brother worked on many writing projects together some of which they published by mimeograph, or by hand and sold to the local people.
Z - is for Dead Zone, a 1970 novel by Stephen King. This novel is one that has been most effectively translated on to film.